Save $1000 at Disneyland

It’s pretty easy to save at least $1000 on your 3 day Disneyland trip by following the following simple tips:


1. Travel in the off-season (see more detail on that on our site here or in our book here).  You can save at least $750 on your hotel and flight by traveling when hoards of other people aren’t traveling as well.

2.  Book a hotel that is close to the Disneyland entrance, and that has free breakfast and free parking.  This saves you $150 and your feet and those are priceless!

3. Get discounts on your Disneyland park hopper tickets by purchasing them at aRes Travel.  This saves you up to $45.  Or alternatively, you can plan to only visit one park a day (save about $20 per ticket).

4.  Don’t eat meals in the park.  Eat breakfast at your hotel.  Bring GoPicnic meals from home for lunch and then eat dinner at a restaurant outside of the park (we like IHOP).  This will save you $150.

5. Take advantage of apps to help you save lots of time.  Using RideMax helps you go on all the rides you want to in less time.  It gives you an order to best optimize your ride wait time.  You could shave off one day with this app.  One less day at Disneyland and at the hotel could save you around $500!