Disneyland Holidays

Here at the Cheap Family Guide, we spend a lot of time telling you to save time and money by traveling to Disneyland in the off-season.

There are some good off-season times during the Christmas Holidays where you can still see the Christmas decorations and special attractions and go on the holiday rides, but not have the huge crowds and high hotel room costs.  Disneyland holidays are the best and they really go all out with lights and attractions.

We recommend the first week of November.  Disneyland will have their Christmas decorations up and most, if not all, of the rides will be up and running (not closed for maintenance).

Here’s a link to the special things Disneyland does for the Holidays.  Can I let you in on a little secret?  It’s 100 times better than what Walt Disney World (WDW) does!

Below I have created a YouTube playlist of many of Disneyland’s Holiday rides and attractions.  You can see our entire channel here.


If you plan to go to Disneyland for the holidays, check out our Disney deals here.