Disney Deals: Save Money at Disney World

Save Money at Disney World

Save Money at Disney World

Many friends ask us how to save money at Disney World (WDW).  The best way to save is by traveling in the off-peak season.  Hotels often discount their rates as much as 40% in the off-season to try to encourage more people to stay at their hotels during times when crowds are not in their peak.   Check out Touring Plans Crowd Calendar for detailed information on the best times to travel to Disney World in Orlando.

Save on WDW Hotels

  • If you’re staying on resort at Walt Disney World (WDW), you can get a discount on hotels by being a season ticket holder.  The discount is generally 20%.
  • Check out Get Away Today for discounts on Resort Hotels as well as hotels near Disney World.  This site is a wonderful resource for scoping out hotels in your price range and getting an idea of how much your vacation is going to cost.
  • For overall discounts on any hotels, check out Mousesavers early and often before you book your vacation.  Liking their page on Facebook is an easy way to get up to date discount information.
  • Sometimes (not all of the time), you can save by purchasing a package deal.  You can save a few hundred dollars by going with a Disney verified travel agency like Small World Vacations.


Save on WDW Tickets

  • Just like at Disneyland, Disney World does not offer incredible ticket discounts.  If you want exceptional deals, you can purchased unused days from shop vendors near Disney World.  This is not considered a verified way to buy tickets, but it is possible.  Our family does NOT choose to buy tickets from these vendors as you cannot get your money back if the tickets don’t end up working or the days are used up.  However, we did get some money from these vendors when we sold our unused days/tickets to them when we left Orlando.
  • If you plan on going to Disney World more than once in a year, it may be cost effective to buy a season pass.
  • Save on WDW tickets by staying longer.  The more days you stay, the cheaper the tickets get (but you still have to pay for nights at the hotel, so keep that in mind).
  • Check out Get Away Today.  The often have awesome ticket deals!
  • Periodically check Costco, they sometimes have park-hoppers in their gift card section which will save you $20-$40 on each ticket.
  • See here for more discounts: WDW Ticket Discounts.


Save on WDW Airfare

  • Sign up for email deals from airlines that fly from your city to Orlando.
  • Fly during off-peak dates.
  • Pack light (carry-ons only) to save the most on baggage fees.
  • Sometimes if you purchase a package deal from a travel agency, you can save quite a bit on your overall purchase.
  • Travel late at night or early in the morning to save the most on airfare.

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