Disney Deals 2014: Purchase Before Your Trip to Save Money

Did you pay an arm and a leg to pay for your family to go to Disneyland?  What a coincidence, we did too!  And… it was worth every penny.  However, some things at Disneyland are not worth every penny and can be purchased for much cheaper before your trip.  Pack them along in your suitcase and save hundreds of dollars!

Disney Deals 2014


You can get trading pins for under $1 each on ebay (used).  Feel free to trade them with cast members wearing lanyards at Disneyland.  Why not?  The real Princess Merida does it! See the 30 second video below to find out how…


Check out the half-yearly sale the Disney Store offers and save 60% on stuffed animals, tshirts, toys, water bottles, etc.  Christmas and after Christmas are also good times to get great deals at the Disney Store and then save them to take on your Disney vacation.

Nearly every little girl you see at Disneyland is wearing her favorite princess costume. I never buy Princess dresses at the Disney store or at Disney parks because they cost around $100 and are extremely uncomfortable and impracticle for all day wear. Who wants a cranky princess? Not me! The costumes from Playfully Ever After are machine washable, durable, and non-itchy. They happen to be beautiful too!



There are a few ways you can save on food.  The best tip is: DON’T EAT FOOD IN THE PARK.  How you ask?

Bring GoPicnic.  We have found sales for $2 GoPicnic meals.  This beats $10+ per person to pay for lousy food at Disneyland.

Share food.  We generally buy 2 adult meals at the open-air cafes and share them with our family of 5.  We generally get an extra order of fries too, but sharing can save lots of money!

Leave the park and go to IHOP or Denny’s for lunch.  If you are having a lazy day at Disneyland, don’t be afraid to leave and come back for your meals.  There is an IHOP and a Denny’s across the street from the Disneyland entrance.

Bring your own food.  You can bring in your premade food.  We often bring in PB&J and snacks.


Well, I hope this post helps save you some money on souvenirs and food at Disneyland.  Please post a comment if you know of other ways to save.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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