Disney Autograph Shirts – A Better Way to Get Character Autographs

shirt autographsOur family just came up with an interesting way to get rid of those awful (and expensive) autograph books at Disneyland – autograph shirts instead of autograph books!  Why?  Because they are bulky, heavy, and we never take the time to get the photos developed after we get home.  Not to mention, what do you DO with the autograph books once you get home?  At our house they get put in the Disneyland suitcase never to be seen again until the next trip.

What is the solution, you ask?  Autograph t-shirts! We bought these permanet fabric markers, and these white tshirts and that’s it! They didn’t wear the shirts until the last day when they were done getting autographs. They have worn them every week since we have been home. What a great way to preserve character autraphs that they can actually use.  As you can see, our kids loved their t-shirts and they have washed up very well with very little fadeage!

Do you have any unique Disney autograph ideas?  Please share them if you do!


See the characters signing our autograph shirts at their best here at the Plaza Inn at Disneyland!


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